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Welcome to noteria.se!
Our website is in Swedish. We will try to give you a short guide to the site here so you can understand our shop, even though it is in swedish.

The third tab "Våra noter - SÖK" is where you can search for our music in the shop. You can either search for the TITLE /Titel or the COMPOSER/Kompositör or the ARTICLE NUMBER/Artikelnummer. And then press the little button named SÖK (Search).
If you don't want to search you can use the tabs on the top of the site or at the left. You find music from Cantate (choir is KÖR, organ is ORGEL and ÖVRIGT means other) and Noteria. Things from Norbergs Musikförlag is under Noteria. Music from other companies is under BUTIK (shop). The second tab "NYTT!" is where we put all the new things in the web shop.

When you have found the thing you want, press the blue KÖP (Buy) at the right of the music. When you first press Buy (Köp) the Shopping Cart appears at the top of the site.

Then you can search for more titles or go to the Checkout (Kassan). Press Gå till kassan at the bottom of the Shopping Cart. Then you can see the things you have put in your shopping cart and you can change the number of each title or delete them by pressing the red Ta bort/Delete.

Then you need to fill in your data.You need to fill in your name (NAMN), email (E-POSTADRESS), adress (ADRESS), postal code (POSTNUMMER) and city (POSTORT). Your cell phone (MOBILNUMMER) can be great as well. If you want to give us any more datails or want to ask anything, please use the square called KOMMENTAR/ÖVRIGT.

LEVERANSADRESS means Shipping adress and FAKTURAADRESS means the adress for the payment, if that is not the same.

Note that all orders to other countries need to pay with Paypal and we send the bill to you by email and then we send the music as soon as we see the money on our account. The Paypal bill can be payed either by credit card or by a paypal-account.

If yoy find it difficult to use the webshop, don't hesitate to send us an email on info@noteria.se. You can do your order by email, if you know what you want. Just remember to give us the information mentioned above.

Good Luck!

Best regards,
Noteria Customer Service

Noteria | Tororp Klockrike | 590 32 Klockrike | Tel: 013-39 13 56